Statie flotari la paralele  este realizata de PROSPORT special pentru exterior (outdor). Statia de antrenament este recomandata pentru spatiile de antrenament amenajate in parcuri, la hoteluluri si pensiuni, in exteriorul salilor de sport pentru a beneficia de antrenament in aer liber. Dupa cum ii spune si denumirea, aceasta instalatie permite realizarea diferitelor exercitii de  flotari la paralele,  dar si un set numeros de alte exercitii de forta, indemanare etc. Aceasta statie flotari la paralele include 4 posturi de lucru, permitand lucru a 4 persoane in acelasi timp. Paralele sunt dispuse la 2 nivele de inaltime, sportivii putand opta pentru nivele diferite de dificultate. Montajul se face obligatoriu prin betonare.


  • constructie din otel zincat
  • cu elemente rotunjite pentru a preveni accidentarile
  • pentru exterior
  • dimensiuni: 170 cm inaltime din care 50 cm in beton
  • greutate: 94 kg
  • montaj prin betonare

Va oferim si alte instalatii pentru sport pentru exterior: spalier metalicscara orizontala, statie pliometrica, paralele inalte, paralele mers in sprijin si portic pentru franghii de catarat.


The push-up station is made by PROSPORT especially for outdoor. It is recommended for training spaces arranged in parks, hotels and hostels, outside the gyms to benefit from training in the fresh air. As the name suggests, this installation allows you to perform various push-up exercises , but also a large set of other exercises of strength, skill, etc. The station includes 4 workstations, allowing 4 people to work at the same time. Parallel bars are arranged at 2 levels of height, so athletes can opt for different levels of difficulty. The push up station must be installed in the ground by concreting.


  • galvanized steel construction
  • with rounded elements to prevent injuries
  • for outdoors
  • dimensions: 170 cm high, of which 50 cm in concrete
  • weight: 94 kg
  • installation by concreting


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